måndag 13 november 2017

Vulkanen Etna och Taormina

En dröm gick i uppfyllelse!
Jag har klättrat upp i lava till kratrar på vulkanen Etna.
Vi gick också runt, precis som de små människorna man ser på kanten på bilden nedan.
Jag har inbillat mig att min kondition är på topp.
Attans vad tungt det var att ta sig upp.
Två steg  upp och ett ner, liksom.
Min man fick hjälpa mig flera gånger.
 Skorna fylldes av lavagrus. Det ska med hem i resväskan tänkte jag :)
I utflykten ingick ett besök i Taormina.
Där har inspelning av filmen Gudfadern skett.
Klart man måste köpa muggar där !

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Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder sa...

Dearest Astrid,
Wow, so proud of you that you DID manage to climb this crater.
I've only climbed one crater, in east Java, Indonesia and yes, all that dust!
My goodness.
But I felt very bad for all those weak horses that were being used for carrying people up to the crater. We both felt proud for having mastered it on our own.
Those were the good years of sharing and action together.
This has changed drastically since a couple of weeks as we learned that Pieter's heart only functions for 25%... Only with medication it can be stabilized but no more hard action.
Sad... We still try to bike our 27-speed Trek bikes on level surface. So we have to drive away for going some place. Loved biking the bike trails along the river in the west of our state. You are in nature, level and very quiet most of the time as it is away from the main road with heavy traffic.
Happy for you for having done one more special trip together.
One day, all those trips become very fond memories.
I'm working on getting some posts about the very special trips we've made together.
Now Pieter can still enjoy reading them and reliving the excitement, instead of getting on a real action trip...
Big hugs and stay warm!

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