lördag 1 mars 2014

Twisted Mosaic

Skam den som ger sig!
Det blev ett par sockor till slut.
Två lika sockor trots att de stickades en i taget.
Första paret ur nya boken "Think outside the sox"
Har använt rundsticka 2,25 och garnet är Opal.
Skulle kunna sticka fler i samma mönster om det inte var så många
andra modeller kvar att sticka, i boken.
Jag måste fortsätta med nästa par.
 Inte för att jag behöver sockor utan mer för att
 jag behöver utmaningen med nya tekniker!

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Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder sa...

Dearest Astrid,
Those socks are lovely and you did a miticulous job!
Today I managed to get all my photos (family, no sight seeing...) filed away on my PC. I had to write a transcript the day after arrival and the next day make a video while reading my transcript. Not my best days as I had slept very little but that's life. It was for the US Embassy in Indonesia and a Leprosy and Disability Foundation in Jakarta, Indonesia. I was supposed to speak in person but no way I could do that... It is emotional returning home, especially with my Parents at that age. Mom is looking well but she is so frail with her 90 years and kidney dialysis. We did visit her every time at the hospital, but once when I visited a cousin and couldn't make it in time. Mom was so happy, also at the celebration for her birthday and their 65th wedding anniversary combined. But now after that wears off, the reality will set in again...
I will soon sort through my papers and scan the mailing slip for you. Don't worry we didn't spend that much on postage.
Hugs and happy Sunday to both of you.

Anonym sa...

Så fina dom blev!

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder sa...

Have a look at this blogpost about miniature knitting... Incredible! http://detantevantjorven.blogspot.com/2014/03/miniatuur-breiwerk.html

heidi sa...

dom var ju verkligen något utöver det vanliga! jättefina!

Emilia sa...


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